Instant Display vs. Non Instant Display rebates

Rebates can be set up as “instant display rebates”, in which case, the sales rep entering the order is notified that the sale qualifies for a rebate and what the amount of the rebate is.  Instant display rebates allow the sales rep to pass the rebate along to the customer when appropriate.  When an instant display rebate is selected, the rebate amount from the rebate record is saved in the sales order line and both the default sales order  price and commission cost for the sales order line item are automatically reduced by the rebate amount.  The operator is also notified that an instant rebate is available.  The operator can then adjust the sales price or accept the amount defaulted by the system.

Active (status A) rebates can also be set up with the “instant display flag” set to “N”.  When this type (non-instant display) of rebate is processed by the system, the operator is not notified that the sale is eligible for the rebate.  In this situation only the rebate amount in the sales order line is adjusted or updated with the amount of the rebate.  The “non-instant display” rebate is normally used when the rebate is to be collected from the vendor and retained by the company instead of being passed along to the customer and/or sales rep.

Standby (status S) rebate records should be created with the Instant Display flag set to Y.  If a the instant display flag in a standby rebate record is set to N, the system will not display the record in the Order Entry program (the logic is that a standby rebate must be manually selected, so the system will only display records that actually adjust the price and commission cost in the order line being processed.