Rebate Change Alert

Since rebates can change between the time a sales order is entered and the goods are shipped the following process has been implemented to alert sales of changes in rebates.

On a nightly basis;

The system scans all sales orders by running through the open sales order headers and checking sales order lines that are either open or backordered.

As each sales order line is examined the system recalculates the currently available rebate,

The system then compares the currently available rebate to the rebate recorded in the sales order line.

If the rebates are the same, the system does nothing

If they’re different;

      The system updates the rebate in sales order line to reflect the current rebate.

      Send emails to the "Inside Rep" set in the customer record.  The email sent contains a short message, followed by the contents of the TextData record F240:SSM:REBATES:DIF, followed by an order confirmation containing the complete order information.

      At invoicing time the system again performs a check of the rebate to determine if the rebate has changed.  If the rebate has changed the system proceeds the same way as in the previous section.  The invoice created uses the corrected rebate amount.  In the case of invoicing, an email message is also sent to the system "rebate administrator" set in the system control parameter - F248:SOREBADM.


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