Rebate Processing Overview

This section describes how rebates are handled in StreamV as various types of transactions are processed in the system.

The StreamV Rebate Management System is used to perform the following tasks.

      Create records in the special pricing file for the rebates that are available to your company.  Rebates can be specified in many of the special pricing records that are supported by the system, and dedicated Rebate records can also be set up in the Special File in order to allow rebate processing when the price for an order line is not based on a special price record.

      Automatically or manually select the appropriate rebate for the order line being processed in the sales order entry program, based on the customer, item, quantity, and optional contract number being used for the order line.

      Record the appropriate rebate amount and the unique special pricing record number (or rebate record number) from which the rebate was obtained in each sales order line as it is saved.

      Automatically carry the rebate information from each sales order line into the invoices that are generated for the order line.

      Automatically post the rebate receivable for each invoice line to the general ledger.  The Sales Posting program automatically posts any rebates recorded in each invoice line item.   Future releases of the program will also create records in the Rebate file for each invoice line that has an available rebate amount.  Currently rebate records are created from invoice line detail after the fact.

      Adjust the rebates that were recorded during sales posting.  The Rebate Management program allows you to edit the rebate records that are created during the sales posting process.  The Rebate Management program allows you to adjust the amounts of existing rebate records, to zero out existing rebate records, and to add additional rebate records to the Rebate file.

      Generate reports and accounts payable invoices (credit memos) for the rebate amounts that are owed to you by each of your vendors.  As rebates are billed to your vendor, the system automatically creates a billing for the vendor in the accounts payable system, the system closes the rebate records being processed and it ties the rebate records to the new vendor invoice.  If any rebate amounts have been added or adjusted, the new or adjusted rebates amounts are used to adjust the appropriate general ledger accounts.


Rebates - Sales Order Entry

Rebates - Invoicing

Rebates - Sales Posting

Reporting/Claiming Rebates