Reporting/Claiming Rebates

There are two methods that can be used to determine the amount of rebates due from each of your manufacturers or vendors and to bill them for these rebate amounts.

      You may generate reports from the invoice line item file using Query, WinQL or a standard StreamV Rebate Reports.   These rebate reports can be used to determine the rebate amounts that are due to you for a specific period of time.  Once you have determined the rebate amounts that are owed to you by each company you may manually create AP invoices or billings to your vendors for the rebate amounts.  These AP invoices are posted manually to the Rebates Receivable Account to offset the amount that was posted to the same account during sales posting.

      You may use the optional Rebate Management System to create records in the Rebate file for invoice lines with rebate amounts.  The Rebate records that are created by the Rebate Management System can be adjusted as required.  Once any required modifications have been made to the rebate detail, a billing processor can be used to automatically close out the rebate records and create accounts payable invoices for the rebate amounts due from the vendor.  The Rebate Management programs are discussed in more detail in the next section.