Rebate Records vs. other Special Price Records

StreamV stores information about the rebates that are available from your vendors in the Special Pricing file or SPECIAL (File 72).  There are several types of records that are stored in the Special file.  Some of the records in the special price file are used only to store customer price information, some are used only to store rebate information, and other records may store both pricing and rebate information in the same record.

The method used by StreamV when checking for available rebates for an order line depends on where the price from the order line is being obtained.

      If the price for a sales order line is obtained using a special pricing record that is not a rebate record (a Customer specific, Buying Group, Sale, Quantity, or a GSA price record) any rebate that is available must be specified in the same special pricing record. 

      If the price for a sales order line is obtained from something other than a special price record (like a Price Level Price, Discounted Price Level Price, Manufacturer Price or Manufacturer Buying Group Price), the system will also record any available rebate from the sale, based on the Rebate records in the system.  In this case, the system checks if the order line qualifies for any Customer, Buying Group, or General rebate records that have been entered into the system and it records the appropriate rebate in the order line.


Rebate Records