Rebate Records

Rebate records store the actual rebate amount (amount to be refunded by the vendor for each item) in the rebate record.  The rebate amount is currency specific, and a rebate is only processed when the currency in the rebate record matches the currency in the sales order being processed.  Note:  In the current StreamV application only local or house currency rebates can be specified in the special pricing file.

When a rebate record is used, the default price and costs used for a sales order line during rebate processing are based on information that is not stored in the rebate record.  This includes the customers default pricing setup (price level, discount) and the information stored in the inventory record for the item (average and commission cost).

All rebate records are associated with a specific inventory item and period of time.   Rebate records for a specific item are then identified as either a General, a Buying Group, or as a Company specific rebate.

      General Rebates A general rebate is a rebate that is available when the specific item is sold regardless of the customer that it is sold to.

      Buying Group Rebates Buying group rebates are available when an item is sold to a customer who is a member of the buying group identified in the rebate record.

      Customer Specific Rebates Customer specific or Company rebate records are available only when the item in the rebate record is sold to the company identified in the rebate record.


Active vs. Standby Rebates

Instant Display vs. Non Instant Display rebates