Rebates Processing/Adjustments after Invoice Creation

In some situations, you may need to adjust the rebate amounts that were recorded and posted by the system during accounts receivable invoice creation.  This may be due to situations where invoices have been processed before rebate information was setup in the special pricing file, or it may be due to incorrect rebate information, or due to other reasons.

The Rebate Management Programs are optional programs that allow you to create records in a “Rebate” file based on the invoice line item detail in your system.  The Rebate Management System also allows you to adjust the Rebate records as required.  Once you have made any required adjustments to the Rebate detail being processed, a specialized report can be used to close out the Rebate records and create an accounts payable invoice to the Vendor.  As the vendor invoice is created, the system automatically closes out the appropriate rebate records, it posts the new vendor invoice to the general ledger, and it links the rebate records to the new vendor invoice. 


Rebate Management System