Related Items/Sell With Information

The “Related Items” or “Sell With” option is used to promote increased sales by automatically presenting a list of one or more items that are related to and might be sold with the item just entered on a sales order.  The sell with option suggests the other item or items that the customer may also wish to purchase with the selected item, and it allows the person placing the order to quickly add one or more of the “sell with” or related items to the current sales order.

Examples of sell with situations could include

      A USB cable to be sold with a USB Printer

      A photo quality printer, camera case, tripod, and memory card to be sold with a digital camera

      A bracket or other required part that is sold with an aftermarket auto or truck accessory

      An enhanced video card to be sold with a high end computer monitor.

The Sell With Information in the system is defined at the Catalog level and it applies to all customers and inventory locations in the system.

Multiple sell with or related items can be associated with a single Catalog item to handle situations like the camera example where you may wish to sell several additional items to the customer who is buying the camera item.  The sell with information is used only to provide a list of the items that might be sold with the main item and it is not used to define any relationship between the sell with items themselves.  The related items list for the camera would include the case, printer, memory card, and tripod, but none of the items would show if you try to view the related items for the camera case itself – unless there were related items defined for the camera case).

Related Item/Sell With information is available and can be displayed in the Product Management system  (in the Catalog Manager and Catalog Detail Panel) .  Sell With information is also automatically displayed (if present for the item in the sales order line being saved) during the sales order entry process.

The following sections describe how Related Item or Sell With information is setup in the StreamV System, and how this information can be accessed and used the during the sales order entry process.


Setting Up Related Item or Sell With Information

Sales Order Processing