Setting Up Related Item or Sell With Information

Related Item information is stored in the Longcode Table (File18:LONGCODE).  Each Related Item or Sell With record in the Longcode table should be created using the following structure:


Longcode Field





Catalog Item Number


Related Catalog Item Number


A short description of how the items are related or why the related item should be purchased.

Multiple records can be created in the Longcode table for each Catalog Item Number to handle situations where more than related or sell with item is associated with the main Catalog Item Number (to use the digital camera example, 4 different records would be entered for the digital camera to allow the system to display the camera case, memory card, tripod and printer as related items for the digital camera).

Each record in the Longcode file should have valid Catalog Item Numbers in both the Code1 and Code2 fields.  If an invalid related item is specified for a valid “main “ item number, the Catalog description for the invalid item will not be displayed, and the system will not find the related item when you select it in the sales order entry program.

In StreamV, Related Item information is entered and maintained using the Catalog Manager and the Catalog Detail programs.

Once the Catalog Manager program is activated, you may enter or view the related or sell with items for the main catalog item by first loading the main item into the Catalog Manager program, and by then clicking on the Related Items Tab Page in the program.

If you are using the Catalog Detail panel to access the related item information, the main item should already be loaded when you activate the detail panel, and you may simply select the Related Items Tab page to view the list.

The Related Items Tab Page displays a list of the sell with items that have already been set up for the selected Catalog Item.  The fields which are displayed from the Longcode records for the item by the list can be customized, but it normally includes the related item number, the catalog description for the related item number and the description (if any) that has been entered into the Longcode record.

Once the Related Items List is displayed in the Catalog Manager, you may insert new related item records using the Insert option.  If you are inserting a new related item or sell with record, the system will display the Catalog Lookup with Tagging program and prompt you for the item number or numbers to be added to the list (you may select multiple catalog items in the Lookup program by tagging the records you wish to add to the Related Items list).

You may also delete existing records using by using the Zoom option to access the Longcode Detail panel and by then using the Delete option to delete the record.


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