Related Items Tab Page

The Related Items Tab Page displays the Related Items or Sell With Information that has been defined for the selected Catalog Item Number.

Related Item or Sell With Information is used to automatically display the additional items that you may wish to sell with the selected catalog record.  If Related Item information is defined for a Catalog item, the related items are automatically displayed by the system when the item is selected during sales order entry.  The Related Item or Sell With  option is described in more detail in the Overview section of this document.

Zoom Related Item/Sell With Detail

When a valid record is selected in the Related Items Tab Page and the Zoom option is selected, the system activates the Related Item (Sell With) Detail panel and it loads the panel with the selected Related Item or Sell With record.

When the Related Item Detail Panel is used to display an existing Sell With record, your ability to edit the record is restricted. 

You may use the panel to edit the description in the record (the description is used to indicate why the item should be purchased with the main item being ordered and it is separate from the Catalog description for each item).

You may also use the panel to delete the current record using the Delete button.

Insert Add Related Item

When a valid Catalog record is selected in the Catalog Manager or Catalog Detail program and the Insert option is selected in the Related Items Tab Page, the system displays the Catalog Lookup with Tagging program.

The Catalog Lookup with Tagging program allows you to locate and select one or more Catalog records using any of the several different search and display sequences available in the program.

Once you have selected one or more valid Catalog records in the Tagging Lookup and press the Select Key, the system creates Related Item or Sell With records for all of the selected item numbers.

Once the system has created the new Related Item records, you may enter a Sell With description for them by highlighting the appropriate records and using the Zoom option to edit the records.

Please note:  If any of the Catalog records selected in the Catalog Lookup with Tagging program have already been defined as Related Items for the current item, you will receive a duplicate records error.   The Combination of the Main Catalog record and the Related Item must be unique (You can have multiple related items for each Catalog Item Number, but you cannot have the same related item listed twice in the Related Items list for the same Catalog record..


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