When a financial statement report is created using the alternate chart of accounts the following process takes place.

The user determines which financial statement to print and which alternate chart of accounts to use.

A SortFile is created to store the alternate chart of accounts during the reporting process.  The primary index of the SortFile is <Type><Sort><Acct><Sub>

The program scans the Account Period (ACCPER) file for the period(s) being reported on.

As each account period is processed the system looks up the correct alternate account number in the alternate chart of accounts file and either creates or updates the record in the SortFile

When all the appropriate accounts in the ACCPER file have been processed the system produces the financial statement from the SortFile.

A Gencode table named ALTACSET is used to define the various account sets that are maintained on the system.  This table should be created and a record should be entered into it for each alternate account set to be maintained on the system.  The Gencode record format is as follows.


Code:  The code for the account set (maximum 8 characters).

Description: The description of the account set (i.e. Group Chart of Accounts)

Verify:  Additional Descriptive information.


Sequential Journal Entry Assignment by Account