Sequential Journal Entry Assignment by Account

In order to conform to unique accounting requirements, the General Ledger supports two complementary journal entry numbering options. 

      All journal entries created on the system are assigned a unique number by the system when they are posted.  This journal entry number is the primary number used by the system and it is assigned to all of the lines of a single journal entry (regardless of the accounts used on each line of the journal entry).  The primary journal entry number is based on a system counter that is set globally and incremented as each journal entry is posted. The counter is used in all accounts and sub accounts, years and periods to which journal entries are posted.  The global counter can be set up to be used by all divisions, or a separate counter can be used within each division.  The global counter is normally set when the system is configured and should not be changed.

      In addition to the primary journal entry number, the system also allows you to assign an optional sequential number to each journal entry line. The sequential number or “bcnumber” is used to sequentially number the journal entries posted to a specific account.  The counter for the account-based number or bcnumber is stored in the Period 1 Account Period record for each account and is therefore unique for each combination of year, account, sub-account, division, and department.  When this feature is implemented, the first entry to each account in each year is assigned a bcnumber of 1 and this number is incremented each time a journal entry line is posted to the account and then saved to the journal entry line.

The counter used to assign the “bcnumber” is normally not manually set or maintained.  When a new accounting year is initialized (by creating the account period records for the year) or account period records are created for a new account, the counter for that year, account, sub-account, division, and department automatically initializes to zero.

When journal entries are posted to the General Ledger, which is done using a common posting routine, the counter in the period 1 record is used to stamp the JE line with the appropriate counter.

The following programs are used to produce the Sequential Postings report.

FVBCBR01 -Sequential G/L Journal Postings by Account report.

FVBCBR02 – Sequential Journal Postings Print Routine (used to output the data from FVBCBR01.



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