Reset Pull Ticket

The Reset Pull Ticket Option is available from the More Menu and from the Context or Right Mouse Menu.  The Reset Pull Ticket Option allows you to reset or cancel a pull ticket.  You may only reset a Pull Ticket when the following conditions are true.

      A Pull Ticket has been printed for the Shop Order.  When a Pull Ticket is generated for a specific shop order, the Printed flag in the Shop Order Header is set to Y.  The printed flag is set back to N when the pull ticket is processed or when it is reset.  You may not reset a Pull Ticket unless the printed flag for the shop order is set to Y.

      The Pull Ticket has not been processed.  If you have processed a Pull Ticket, you may not reset it.  Once you have pulled inventory for a shop order into work in process, you must delete the shop order to return the component items to inventory.

Pull Tickets are typically reset for the following reasons.

      To allow additional inventory to allocate to a shop order.  Once a pull ticket has been printed for a shop order, the system will not allocate additional inventory to the order until it the Pull Ticket has been processed or reset.  This is done so that the component quantities to be pulled do not change between the time the pull ticket is printed and the pull ticket is processed (or reset).  If you have printed pull tickets for partially allocated to shop orders in the system at the end of a day, resetting them allows the system to continue to allocate inventory to the order as it becomes available.


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