Restricting the Periods and Years that can be posted to

The StreamV System supports restricting the periods and years that can be posted to on the system.  This restriction logic can be implemented on a global, group, branch, or user by user basis.  The period restriction logic is generally used in programs where the operator can change the accounting year and period being posted to (like the Journal Entry program).  The period restriction logic is not generally used in programs that affect sub-ledgers (such as accounts receivable payment processing or accounts payable programs), as the operator is normally only allowed to post to the system default period and year in those programs.

To restrict the periods that should be posted to, the following procedure should be followed.

1.  Determine the users that should be restricted and what years and period they should be restricted to.  Determine which branches and groups the users belong to.

2.  Create (or have your system administrator create) a global system parameter (JERANGE) in the System Parameter file (File 248) or edit the existing parameter if already present on your system.  The global parameter is the copy of the record in the file with a blank user id field.  This parameter will be used for any operators who do not have a group, branch, or user specific version of the record in the file (Please see the system administration guide for more information about system parameter setup and maintenance).  The parameter should store the valid beginning year in the INFO field, the beginning period in the DATAN1 field, the ending year in the DATAN2 field, and the ending period in the DATAN3 field of the record.

3.  Once the global JERANGE parameter has been created, you may specify or change the valid posting range used by the system using the Set Accounting Period program that is located on the GL Maintenance/Utilities Menu.  This program allows you to set the default accounting period in the system and to also set the valid year and period ranges that can be posted to.  The information entered into the system using this program will apply to all users who do not have a user, group, or branch specific version of the parameter created for them.

4.  Create any user, branch or group specific records required to implement the restrictions you wish to impose.  As an example, the global parameter could be set to the current period and year (restricting users to posting to current period only). One other record could then be created specifically for the controller (with his or her initials in the user field), and this record could be set up to allowing posting to a multiple year and or period range.  The number of parameters required for each implementation will differ based on the number of users, and the restriction logic you wish to implement, but the above describes the basic way in which the restriction logic works.


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