System vs. Operator Period

The StreamV System allows you to set the default accounting period and year to be used by the accounting programs.  This default period and year information is stored in system parameters, and it can be modified using the Set Accounting Period program that is located on the General Ledger Maintenance/Utilities Menu.

Each operator record also stores a default year and period.  This operator information is updated automatically (overwritten) based on the system default accounting year and period settings each time an operator logs into the system using the Operator Login Panel.

The default system year and period are used to default the year and period to be used for each operator as they login to the system.   In most cases, individual operators are not allowed to change this year and period information and they must operate in the period that has been defined on the system (normally by the Controller of the company). 

In some situations, operators can also be allowed to set their own operator period and year.  This option is based on the way each operator record is created, and is normally heavily restricted.  In most situations only higher level accounting staff such as the Controller or General Ledger accountants, will be allowed to use this feature.  It is normally used when entering prior data at system startup (under extremely controlled conditions) or when an operator needs to make several entries (normally journal entries that do not affect sub-ledger balances or control accounts) to a prior or future period and wants the journal entry program to retain the prior or future period between transactions.

If an operator has been granted permission to set their own period and year, the Operator Login Panel will default the current system period and year into the operator record when the operator logs in, and the operator can then change the information displayed in the panel and press the Continue button to save the change.  At this point, the operator period will remain at the set value until the operator executes the Login Panel again or exits the system.  Please Note: The valid periods for operator can be restricted based on the Period Restriction Logic discussed earlier in this document.

 Most programs in the system, especially accounting programs that affect sub-ledger reports and associated GL control accounts, also will only allow posting to the current period and year (you may not change the year and period used by the program in the program).  This feature, when combined with control of the system accounting year and period allows you to ensure that sub-ledger transactions are posted to the correct period and year.  For example, If 

      You force accounts payable operators to use the system period and year,

      You produce month end reports at the end of the last day of each month, after all transaction processing is done for the day,

      You change the period before any operators log in on the first day of the next month

      You verify that the system date gets set automatically each day before operators access the system.

 Then it is highly unlikely that any accounts payable transactions can be posted to the prior period.  Operators cannot change the period in their operator record or in the accounts payable invoice or payment processing programs, and the cut-off used for the GL and sub-ledger should be suitable for reconciling the sub-ledger to the appropriate general ledger control balance.  As discussed in the previous section, the default accounting period must be set to the correct value in order to ensure that you do not have problems reconciling general ledger and sub ledger activity. 


Restricting the Periods and Years that can be posted to