Sales Posting Control Information

The Sales Posting process makes use of several different system parameter records.  These records are described below.

F248:ONLINEAR:  Determines if invoices are posted online or in batch mode..  Switch was used for both vdf and char prior to 9.6.07.  Now separate switches - ONLINECM is used for char, ONLINEAR for VDF only.

F248:ONLINECM:  This parameter controls if Character (StreamII) invoices created by 712s02 or IRA are posted online.  Created 09/06/2007. New fv056p28 and p06 have been adjusted to filter invoice using createdby field in 56 and 248 POSTCRBY.

F248:POSTCRBY:  Used along with ONLINECM and ONLINEAR switches.  The batch sales posting programs allow filtering only st2 invoices to allow VDF online and character batch posting - ie advanced mode.  Not needed if Both vdf and char posted online, or if both are posted batch.  If running in hybrid mode (not recommended), the param should be loaded with ST2OC AND ST2IRA. Default for this switch is disabled - blank info.

F248:ONLINESP:  This parameter identifies the first invoice number that is posted online.  The AR Invoice activity audit routines assume invoice numbers prior to this number are posted in batch mode, and that  invoices greater than or eqaal to this invoice number are posted online.  The invoice activity audits will check the sales posting and payment activity on invoices that are posted online, and it will ck only the payment activity on invoices that are posted in batch mode.


AR Payment Processing