Batch Sales Posting

The Batch Sales Posting option allows you to post sales to the general ledger based on an invoice date range.  The Batch posting option allows you to reduce the number of postings that hit your general ledger accounts receivable, sales, cost of sales, inventory and other accounts.

When the Batch Sales Posting method is used, the system creates invoices online, and the invoices immediately reduce the customers available credit and increase the customers open AR amount.  The invoices being created show up on the AR Aging immediately, and they can be paid immediately.

The difference between the on-line and the batch posting method is when the general ledger is updated to reflect the creation of each invoice.  When on-line posting is used, the system is updated each time an invoice is created.  When batch posting is used, the general ledger accounts are updated in summary fashion, when the invoices for each date range are posted.  Invoices can be posted on a daily, weekly or monthly basis when the batch method is used.

Auditing the Invoices to be Posted

The first step in the Batch Sales Posting process is to run an Invoice Register report for the date range to be processed.  The Invoice Register report audits each selected invoice and will output error messages if there are issues with an invoice that will prevent it from posting.  If error messages do appear on the Invoice Register report, these errors must be corrected before moving on to the next step.

Running the Sales Posting Loader

Once the invoices for the date to be processed have been checked for errors, the operator runs the Sales Posting Loader program to load the invoices to be processed into the Sales Posting Temp file.  The SPTEMP file is used to summarize the invoice amounts to be posted to the GL by division, department and autopost number.  It is essentially used to total up the invoice detail to be posted.

The Sales Posting Loader allows you to select the division and the invoice date to be processed.

The Sales Posting Loader program may only be run when you are configured to post sales in batch mode (you will receive an error message if you try to run the program when you are configured to post online). 

The Sales Posting Loader will also only allow you to process invoices which have the Post Run field set to 0.  The Post Run field is used to store the JE used to post each invoice, and the field is loaded by both the on-line and the batch sales posting process.  The system will not allow you to load invoices with the postrun field loaded in order to avoid posting the sales for a single date more than once.

 Posting Sales

Once the date to be posted has been loaded into the Sales Posting Temp file, the Sales Posting program is used to post the invoices to the GL.  The Sales Posting program can be run in Report Only mode, so that you can preview or check the amounts to be posted before actually posting them.  This allows you to preview the journal entry to be made by the system to verify that the accounts and amounts are correct and that the JE is in balance.

Normally, the operator will run the program once in Report Only mode, and then run it again to actually process the invoices.

When the Sales Posting program is being run in live or update mode, it also allows you to specify the period, year and post date to be used for posting sales.  This information may need to be set to a prior period or date when you are posting sales after the end of a period or year.

When the Sales Posting program runs in update mode, it posts a journal entry to the Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Sales, Cost of Sales and other general ledger accounts required to post the invoices, and it writes the journal entry number used for the posting to the PostRun field of each invoice being posted.

A journal entry source of SP (Sales Posting) is assigend to the journal entries created by the Sales Posting program.

Re-Posting Sales

The AR Utilities program includes an option that allows you to Re-set invoices so that you can re-post sales when required.  This option will only be available when your system is configured to post in batch mode.

Re-posting Sales may be necessary when you have had to recover from an error (such as adding invoices to the date after posting sales, or a data processing situation that requires you to correct invoice detail).  The process can also be used to recover from a system error during sales posting.

The Reset Invoices to re-post sales option on the AR Utility menu allows you to specify the invoice date to be re-posted.  Once the date is specified, the system prompts for the year and period that the reversing transaction should be posted in.  Once the operator has verified or changed the period and year, the system;

      Runs through the invoices for the date range, and clears the PostRun field for each OI,DI,IN or FC invoice document type.

      Once the Postrun field in the invoices has been cleared, the system reverses the original je used to post the invoices in the period and year specified.

After the Reset Invoices to re-post sales option has been run for the date range to be reposted, the operator can re-load the invoices into the Sales Posting temp file using the Sales Posting Loader, and re-post the sales using the Sales Posting program.


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