Posting Sales to the GL

The Sales Posting process updates the general ledger sales, cost of sales, inventory, sales tax, freight, shipping, and other accounts that are affected by the creation of new sales invoices.  The StreamV Accounts Receivable System supports both on-line and batch posting of new sales invoices.  The system will default to use on-line posting when it is installed. 

The on-line posting method will make an individual journal entry for each sales invoice immediately after it is created, meaning that your AR GL account should be up to date (match the subledger or ar invoice detail) at all times.

The Batch posting method allows you to post invoices in batch by date range, so that less detail is written to the General Ledger system (1 entry per day, week or month, vs 1 entry per invoice). 

The on-line method is the default method used by the system and it is recommended due to the fact that it will keep the subledger and gl accounts in balance, and due to the fact that it allows more detailed auditing of the gl activity that is associated with each invoice.

The logic used by the on-line and the batch sales posting options is the same (the difference is whether a posting is done for each invoice or for a group of invoices).  An overview of this logic and more details about each method are provided below.

Note:  The sales posting process is used to post sales invoices and credit memos to the general ledger.  The sales posting program is also used to post Finance Charge invoices to the GL. 

Invoices generated during cash application to track under or overapplied customer payments  are posted by the cash application program.  Other programs, such as the Non-Inventory Invoicing program also create and post invoice documents.


Sales Posting Overview.

Online Sales Posting

Batch Sales Posting

Sales Posting - Control Information