Sales Tax Certificate Management

This option uses the Nexus control record in the Textdata file. 

Sales Tax Certificate Management is used to ensure that you have a valid resale certificate on file for each sales order and invoice that is processed using the RESALE TaxType.

The StreamV application allows you to attach sales tax or resale certificate information to the customer and shipto address records in your system.  This sales tax certificate information is automatically carried into the sales orders and invoices that are created on the system when a resale sales order is processed in the system.

StreamV allows you to create and maintain multiple resale certificate records for each customer record in the system.  These resale certificate records are associated with the customer record, and they are used to assign the proper tax certificate information to the customer record, to the shipto records that are created for the customer, and to the sales orders that are created for the customer.

Resale certificate information may be entered into the system during customer or shipto setup, or on the fly during order entry.  A system parameter is used to control which operators in the system are able to set up new certificate records for new or existing customers.  This option allows you to restrict certificate creation to trusted operators only (ie the credit department) or to allow order entry operators to create new certificates on the fly during the order entry process.

Each “resale” customer in StreamV may have one or more “sales tax certificates” associated with them - based upon where the customer has good shipped.    Each of these resale certificates for the customer can be attached to one or more of the shipto records for the customer.

The resale certificate records are stored in records in the Longcode file and they contain the Resale or Sales Tax Certificate number assigned by the taxing entity, the state for which the certificate was issued, and the expiration date for the certificate.

Each of the Sales Tax Certificate records in the Longcode file may also have one comment and one or more image records associated with them.  The comment option allows you to enter notes about the certificate record and access the notes from the certificate record.

The images option allows you to scan and attach an image of the sales tax or resale certificate to the certificate record, and to print the image as required when the certificate record is being used during processing.

As each sales order is entered into the system, the system automatically carries the resale number from the shipto address used for the sales order (if applicable) into the sales order being processed.  This resale certificate number and the expiration date are used by the system to determine if the sales order information is valid – based on the type of sale being made.

Since the sales tax certificate information is stored each shipto record for the customer, and since this information is used to load the certificate number and expiration date into each sales order, A shipto record MUST be used each time a sales order is processed in the system – when the tax certificate management feature is being used.

The following sections describe how certificate information is set up and maintained in the system and how this information is used by the system during processing.


Sales Tax Certificates - Customer/Shipto Setup

Sales Tax Certificates - Sales Order Processing

Sales Tax Certificates - Nightly Order Audit

Sales Tax Certificates - PO Requisition Processing

Technical Notes