Sales Tax Certificates - Customer/Shipto Setup

As each new customer record is created in StreamV, the operator must specify the Taxtype and the Taxcode to be used for the customer.  The taxtype and taxcode entered into the new customer record applies to the customer billto address that is stored in the customer record. 

If the taxtype for the new customer is set to RESALE, at least one sales tax certificate record should also be set up for the new company.  This resale certificate should normally be for the state code in the customer address.

In some situations, the states in which you have Nexus, may accept resale certificate information from their state only. In other situations, a specific state may accept resale certificate information (the form, or the resale number itself) from another state.  For example, some states will accept a foreign resale certificate for the customer for goods shipped into their state – other states do not accept any foreign certicate forms or numbers, and some states might allow you to use the resale number from another state, but require that it be submitted to them on their own form.

The determination on whether accepting foreign (out of state) resale certificate information is valid is a legal one, and the software merely supports company policy where this option is concerned.

As each shipto record for a customer is entered into the system, the application defaults the customer billto address and the taxtype and taxcode for the customer record in to the new shipto record.  The tax information in the shipto can be changed as required to handle situations where the customer has shipto addresses in multiple states, or to handle situations where some shipments to some shipto addresses are taxable and others are not.

Stream V allows you to store multiple reseller certificates or sales tax certificates for each customer record.

informationwith the customer master information.  Access to this information is from the “More Menu” button on the tool bar. (update this – actually uses button sales tax #’s in customer manager.

During the setup of a shipto address the system checks the country (US) and tax type code (Resale) to determine if a resale certificate is required.  If a reseller certificate is required the system will check the list of available reseller certificate and default the information into the appropriate fields. The user can press the prompt button in the reseller certificate field to manually select a reseller certificate.

During order entry the system checks if the order has a valid reseller certificate, and if not puts the order on hold.


Sales Tax Certificates - Sales Order Processing