Sellwith Items Sales Order Entry

During Sales Order entry, the Related Items Lookup is automatically displayed after an item with Related Item or Sell With information is saved in the sales order..

In the StreamV Application, the Related Items Lookup is displayed automatically when you save a sales order line that has Related Items information defined for it.

Once the Related Items Lookup is displayed, you may quickly add one of the displayed items to the current order by highlighting the line in the lookup and pressing the select button. At this point, the system will load the selected item into the Order Entry Item Panel and calculate the default price for the customer and item. Once you have saved the order line, the system will re-display the Related Items list to allow you to add the next related item to the order. The system will continue to display the related items list until you press the escape key.

You may also access the Related Items Lookup after an order line has already been saved in the Order Entry program. This can be done by highlighting the appropriate sales order line and then using the More Menu button that is available on the Cove Standard Toolbar, or the right mouse or Context Menu to select the Related Items option.

Once the sellwith item has been selected, the system creates a new sales order line for the item.  This vendor ship field of the new order line is set to the same value as the line it is being sold with.  The pricing, cost and other information from the selected sellwith item are also used for the new line.

Once the Sales Order Line for the sell with item has been created, it is processed in the same manner as the order lines on the order.  The schedule date, order header and line item flags, and the information in the inventory record for the item are used to process the order line.

If appropriate, the system will allocate inventory to the order as it is saved. If the order has been placed on hold by the system, the holds must be released before the order can be completed.