Serialized Inventory Processing Immediate Transfer

Immediate Inventory Transfers are processed using the Inventory Transfer program which is documented as part of the Warehouse Management system.  When an Immediate transfer is processed in the program, the operator selects the source and destination location to be used, and specifies the items to be transferred.

For each item to be transferred, the operator must specify the source bin that the item should be transferred from, the quantity being transferred, and the destination bin to be used for the item.  The transfer program will only allow items to be moved if there is an available quantity for the item that is not already allocated to sales or shop orders.

Serialized Item (Serial Y)

If one or more of the items being processed is a serialized item, (flagged as Serial Y to indicate that serial numbers for the item are recorded at item receipt), the system will require valid serial numbers to be specified for the quantity being transferred. 

The Inventory Tranfer program allows the operator to access the Serial Number List program for each serialized item, which allows the operator to key in the serial numbers being transferred, or to select from the valid serial numbers in the system for the item, using the Find Serial# option in the Serial List.

When the transfer is saved, the system

      Updates the item and bin quantities in the source and destination locations.

      Writes an Inventory Activity record with a type of IT for each inventory location to document the transfer of each item.

      Updates the location field in the Serial Master records being processed with the destination inventory location.

      Writes Serial History records to record the transfer of each serial number from the source to the destination location.

Sales Track Only Item (Serial S)

If an immediate transfer is processed for a Sales Track Only item, the system does not require the serial numbers to be specified for the entire quantity being transferred.  The logic is that serial records for the serialize on sale  items may or may not be present in the system based on if the items were previously sold or not.

If serial numbers are specified for some or all of the quantity being transferred, the system will update the serial records for the item with the destination location, and it will write a serial History record to record the transfer of the serial record to the destination location.