Serialized Inventory Processing - Invoice Vendor

The Invoice Vendor option in the RTV Management program allows you to create an accounts payable invoice for items that have been returned to your vendors for credit.  The items shipped to the vendor are tracked in the Pending file and the RTV Management program can be used to view and to process the open pending records for each Vendor.

When a serialized item is returned to the vendor, the serial number of the item is input during the order completion process.  As the Loaner invoice is created for the shipment of the item to the vendor, the system updates the serial numbers being shipped out to L (on Loan) status and it links the serial number to the invoice number used for the shipment.

If the vendor issues a credit for a serialized item that was returned to them, you can use the Invoice Vendor option to clear the Pending record for the return update the serial number to indicate that it has been returned to the vendor.

The RTV Management program contains two serial number options. 

The All Serial Numbers option will display all of the serial numbers associated with the selected pending record (the shipment line that was used to send the item to the vendor).  When the All Serial Numbers option is selected, the system activates the Invoice Line Serial Numbers Lookup and it loads the lookup with all serial numbers that associated with the (loaner) invoice line.  YOu may use the Zoom and Expand options that are available in the lookup to access detailed information about the serial record and the transactions that have been processed for the record.

The Tagged Serial Numbers option allows you view and select the specific serial numbers to be processed in the RTV program.  When the Tagged Serial Numbers option is selected, the system activates the Serial Number List program and it loads the program with any serial numbers that have been selected  for processing (or tagged) for the current line item.. The Serial Number list allows you to add additional serial numbers to the list by using the Find Serial# Button (which displays all serial numbers for the selected line item), or by keying in the serial number being credited.  The Serial Number List also allows you delete serial numbers from the list.

As a Return to Vendor transaction is saved, the system clears the quantity of each line being returned from the Pending file  (by updating the cleared quantity and changing the status of the record if appropriate), it creates a credit memo (negative invoice) in accounts payable for the returned items, and it updates the serial numbers that were returned to status R (returned to vendor).