Serialized Inventory Processing - Shop Order Processing

The StreamV Shop Floor or Shop Order System allows you to assemble serialized inventory items from serialized and non-serialized components.  The Shop Order system also allows you to track the serialized by products that are produced by the assembly process.  As each serialized component or top level part is processed, the system updates the status of the appropriate serial records and it writes serial history transactions to record activity for the item.

In order to reduce errors and provide the greatest possible accuracy when processing serialized inventory transactions, the StreamV Shop Order system places the following restrictions on serialized inventory processing

      Non stock items may not be serialized.  If an item is identified as nonstock during item setup, the serial flag must be set to N.  If the on hand quantity of an item is not tracked, the serial numbers for the item may not be tracked.

      If the top level item being built is not serialized, the components used in the bill of materials or shop order for the top level item cannot be serialized.   The shop order system consumes components when you assemble items with it, and a serialized top level part is required so that the system can tie the serial number component detail to the item being built.

      No partial quantities can be specified for serialized components.  If a component is identified as serialized, only whole quantities of the component may be specified in the Bill of Materials or Shop Orders that include the item.

      No Sales Track Only Components may be included on a shop order.  If a serialized component is used in a shop order, the serial number for the component must be completely tracked (i.e. serialized when received into inventory).  This allows the system to verify that the serial number(s) entered for the serialized component are valid, and that the record is available to be used by the Shop Floor System.


Serialized Inventory Processing - Kit Processing