Serialized Inventory Processing – Invoicing and Order Completion

The Invoicing/Order Completion Program can be called directly from the Menu or it can be called automatically by the system when invoices are being created from the Pending Management program, the Return Authorization program, or from the AR Invoice Lookup.

The Invoicing/Order Completion program is used to process various types of invoice documents.  It is used to create normal invoices for the goods shipped to your customers, and it is also used to record “Loaners” or goods that are shipped to customers at no charge, and which are tracked in the Pending System.  The Invoicing Order Completion program is also used to process Returns to your Vendors, to process certain types of warehouse transfers (Inter-Facility transfers), and to process invoices for goods shipped directly to your customer by your vendors (vendor shipments).

The method that is used to specify the serial numbers for each serialized invoice line item in the Invoicing/Order Completion program is based on the way that the program is called.

If you are invoicing a warehouse shipment using a picklist, the serial numbers for the invoice must be identified during the invoicing process (by using the find option available in the

If the Invoicing/Order Completion program is being called automatically by another program (such as the Pending Management program, the Vendor Shipment Invoicing program, or the Accounts Receivable Invoice Lookup), the serial numbers for the items being processed may already be tagged or identified by the calling program.  In this case, you may be blocked from changing the serial number information in the program (and must return to the calling program to make any changes).


Serialized Inventory Processing - Pending Transactions