Serialized Inventory Processing - PO Receiving

The StreamV PO Receipt program requires you to input serial numbers for any of the serialized (Catalog Serial = Y), items that you receive into your inventory on a vendor purchase order.  The PO Receipt program is also used to receive Inter-Facility transfers into your warehouses, and the program is used to record the serial numbers of the items being received into the destination warehouse when an IFT PO is received/

When you activate the PO Receipt program and set the receipt quantity on an item, the system checks the serial flag on the items being received and it displays a message “There are serialized items on this receipt.  Please be sure to capture the serial numbers for these items.” if any of the items are serialized and require serial number input during receiving.

The PO Receipt program does NOT require serial number input when you receive Sales Track Only items (Serial = S items) as the serial numbers for these items are not tracked until the item has been sold.  If you try to specify the serial numbers for a sales track only item in the receiving program, the program will display a message notifying you that “The item is not serialized or the serial numbers for the item are not tracked on receipt”.

Once the Receipt Quantity for a Serialized item has been set in the PO Receipt program, the View/Enter Serial Numbers Option (available using the Right Mouse or Context Menu) can be used to input the serial numbers for the serialized item that is being received.

When the View/Enter Serial Numbers option is selected, the system activates the Serial Number List.  This list displays the item and quantity that you are inputting serial numbers for, and it allows you to input the serial numbers for the item being received.  Once the list is displayed, you may input the serial numbers using a barcode scanner, keyboard wedge or by manually inputting the serial numbers for the item. 

As you input each serial number into the Serial Number List program, the system checks the serial numbers being input based on the type of receipt being processed. 

If a vendor PO is being processed, the system checks to make sure the serial numbers being input are not duplicates (only 1 serial master record can exist for each item/serial number combination), and it warns you if the serial number already exists.  You should not have a record for the item/serial number combination if you are receiving it for the first time.

If the PO being processed is for an IFT (InterFacility Transfer), the system verifies that the serial numbers being input exist in the Serial Master file and that the Serial records have a status of L (indicating that they are in the Pending file).  Interfacility Transfers are processed using the Invoicing/Order Completion program, so serial master records should already exist for any serialized items (Serial = Y or S) that have been transferred using the system.

The Serial Number list also forces the entry of the appropriate quantity of serial numbers based on the quantity of the item being received.  You may not save a receipt for a serialized item unless you have entered the correct number of valid serial numbers for the item.

Once the appropriate number of serial numbers have been specified for the Serialized (Serial = Y) items that are being received, and the receiving transaction is saved, the system creates Serial Master records for the items and it loads the records with the Vendor, cost and purchase order associated with the receipt, and it creates type PR serial history records for each new serial record to record the receiving transaction.


Serialized Inventory Processing - Invoicing and Order Completion