Set Accounting Period

The Set Accounting Period program is used to set the General Ledger default year and period, and to define the valid year and period range that can be posted to by operators in the system.

The General Ledger System posts all transactions to a specific general ledger year and period.  The General Ledger system also stores the default year and period settings in a system parameter file.  The system uses the default year and period settings to set the period and year that each operator is assigned to as they log into the system.  In most cases, operators do not have the ability to edit this information.  This ensures that any transactions that they post will be posted to the default year and period that have been set in the system.  In some situations, individual operators may also have the ability to set their period and or year to values other than the system default.  This ability is normally extremely restricted and is granted only to higher level accounting personnel such as the company controller. 

In many programs, the year and period that transactions are posted to is restricted to the system default year and period that has been set by the accounting department.  In other programs, such as the journal entry program, the operator is allowed to specify the period to which a specific transaction will be posted.

In some cases, individual operators may also


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