Special Audit

The Special Audit program is used to zero out and reconstruct all General Ledger Account Balances for a single or for multiple periods.

The Special Audit program clears out the debit and credit balances in the account period records for the selected period range, and it then rebuilds the balances in each account period record based on the posted journal entry detail.

The Special Audit program audits the journal entries being processed to ensure that they are in balance, that account period records exist in the div/dpt/account and period being posted to, and that the journal entry lines belong to the same division.  If an error is encountered during processing, a log file entry is made to identify the problem and the program stops re-building balances at the point of the error.  Please Note: If an error is encountered during processing, the error must be corrected and the Special Audit must be re-run before the account balances will be correct. 


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