General Ledger Maintenance/Utility Programs

This section describes the Stream V General Ledger Maintenance Programs.  The General Ledger Maintenance programs allow you to perform the following tasks.

      Create new General Ledger accounts

      Maintain Existing General Ledger Accounts

      Set the default General Ledger year and period used by the system.

      Restrict the general ledger years and periods that can be posted to in the system.

      Create Account Period Records for new and existing accounts

      Move the ending balance sheet balances for one year into the beginning balances for the next year.

      Post a journal entry once the cause of the original posting error is determined and corrected.

      Delete Orphan Account Period Records

Each of the GL Maintenance programs are described in more detail in the following sections.


Account Setup

Set Accounting Period

Special Audit

Create New Accounting Year

Copy Accounting Year

Create Beginning Balances

Repost a Journal Entry

Delete Orphan Account Period Records