Setup field labels

The field labels in StreamV can come from several different places

      The default label for the field (set in the data dictionary or the source code for the application).

      A Text Language record for the field and the language being used by the operator (TLC or Text Language Control records are used to allow displaying the name of the field in foreign languages).

      A custom field label for the field.  A system control record in the Textdata file can be used to assign names to optional customer defined fields and this record can be used to assign the house language (usually English) name to be used for the field on a system wide basis.  If a custom field label is defined, and there are TLC records for the field, the custom field will also be translated into the appropriate language when required.

The Text Language Conversion system is described in the System Administration documentation.

The field labels used for custom and standard fields can be maintained using the Field Display Name Setup program located on the System Administration - Param/Control files Menu. 


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