StreamV System Startup Checklist

This section describes the basic steps that are involved in bringing up a new StreamV installation.

      Install the current version of StreamV and the related database files.  This should give you a working copy of the demonstration system.  This section assumes that you are running the system in native mode (using the dataflex database) during system evaluation and conversion.

      Copy the conversion data files over the demonstration version of the system.  The conversion data files are trimmed down versions of the demo files, and the master and transaction files are empty - or nearly so (some required customer, table and other records are retained as they will be used after startup).

      Edit the Table Data (Division, Depts, Terms, Shipvias, Viaterms, Product Lines, Groups, Reps, etc) that will be pointed to by the master records being converted.

      Setup security

      Setup new record default information

      Setup field masks and labels

      Verify counters and other system parameters are set properly

      Import your master data:  Load your customer, vendor, manufacturer, and catalog data into the CSV templates provided by Cove

      Verify Master Data (orphan check, data check), load any missing and or required information.

      Create Inventory data from Catalog data (this step creates warehouse records that will be loaded with the current costs and on hand quantities at system startup

      Do a test load on inventory qty, costs, balance to old system.

      Create open AR AP invoice data

      Do test load on ap, ar data.

      Re-verify all counters and other system parameters are set up properly

      Stop processing on old system and Run final reports.

      Do final data conversion (normally the open ap, ar, inventory quantity and cost, unvouchered, pending). 

      Run beginning balance reports on StreamV.  Verify reports match the final reports from the old system.  Retain final reports from old system and beginning balance reports for new system to verify the system conversion.


Install StreamV and related Database files.

Install the Startup Data Set

Set Up Basic Table Data

Design and Set Up System Security

Setup new record default information

Setup field masks and labels

Setup field labels

Verify counters

Check and Verify other Policies and System parameters are set properly

Import your master data:

Verify Master Data

Create Inventory Items

Create open AR AP invoice data

Run System in Test Mode to verify operations

Clear Testing Data

Verify all counters are set properly for system startup

Verify System Policies,Parameters, and Configuration information

Shut down operations on old system

Final Data Conversion

Run beginning balance reports in StreamV.