ShipTo Lookup

The ShipTo Lookup program is used to display and to select from the ShipTo Address records which have been entered into your system.

The ShipTo Lookup program allows you to locate a ShipTo address using any of the several different display and search sequences that are available in the program. 

The ShipTo Lookup program also allows you to

      View and Edit the detailed information that is stored inside each ShipTo Address record displayed by the program.

      View the Data Dictionary File and Field help for the files displayed in the Lookup program.

The ShipTo Address Lookup program displays either the ShipTo records for a specific customer or all ShipTo records in the system, depending on how the program is being called.

The ShipTo Lookup program is called from within the Sales Order Entry program to allow you to select from the ShipTo records for the Company the order is being created for.  The ShipTo Lookup program is also called from inside the PO Entry program, where it can be used to select from the Warehouse Address records stored in the ShipTo file, or to select from the Customer ShipTo Addresses in the system for situations where a PO should be shipped directly to a customer.


Display and Search Sequences

Zoom - ShipTo Address Detail