SKU Conversion

When goods are warehoused under different SKUs based on unit of measure, or any other reason,  it is often necessary to convert between SKUs.  For example, if pencils are sold individually and are inventoried in both single and case quantities, cases will need to be broken into individual pencils on a regular basis.  To do this the SKU Conversion Program is provided.

When the SKU conversion program is started it displays the list of valid conversion sets. A conversion set being two SKUs that can be converted to each other and the conversion ratio.  For example, the conversion set for the above example would contain the following information.

          Item Number:                    Pencil SKU

          Alt Item Number:                Case of Pencils SKU

          Ratio:                               100 (one case = 100 pencils)

The user finds and selects the conversion they wish to make.  The system then prompts the user for the quantity of the upper level item to convert.  Then, the user is prompted to enter the direction of the conversion, the bin the goods will be coming from and which bin the goods will be going to.  Once the data has been entered the user presses the SAVE key to execute the transaction, or ESC to start again.


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