Special Order Processing

Special order items are items that exist in the inventory system but which are not normally stocked by the company.  Special order items are identified during item setup using the Special flag in the Inventory Master file.  Special Order items are excluded from the standard replenishment reports produced by the system.  Requisitions for special order items are created and modified on-line automatically during Sales Order Entry when an order for a special order item is entered or edited.  Requisitions for special order items are converted into purchase orders using the Requisition Management program.  All requisitions and purchase order lines for special order items are assigned or “linked” to specific sales order lines.  This ensures that special order items are only ordered when needed for specific sales orders.  The linkage between the sales and purchase orders for special order items also allows the system to block deletion of the sales order line when a purchase order is already placed for the line, and to produce exception reports.  The exception reports can be used to identify situations where the amount of a special order item ordered by customers is more or less than the amount of the item which has been ordered from the companies vendors (this can happen when a sales order for a special order item is deleted or modified after the purchase order for the item has been placed).

If an operator needs to cancel a sales order line for a special order item and a purchase order has been placed for the item, the po for the order must be cancelled before the sales order line can be deleted or cancelled.


Special Order - Processing Overview