Special Price and Rebate Tracking - Sales Order Entry

      Quotes, Loaners and Sales orders which qualify for a special price or rebate will cause the special price qty ordered field to be updated as they are saved.

      The system will not allow you to enter an order quantity for the rebate or special price that will cause qty ordered field to go above the max quantity defined in the record.  For example, if you have a maximum qty of 100 defined in the special price or rebate and a quantity of 90 has already been ordered using the special price or rebate, the system will only allow you to enter a quantity of 10 against the special price or rebate.  Any additional quantity for the item should be entered using a separate order line that does not make use of the special price or rebate.

On new sales order lines the maximum quantity check is done as each order line is entered and you are blocked from saving the order line if the order quantity will cause the special or rebate record to exceed the max quantity.  If this situation occurs, the system displays a message that notifies the operator of the qty still available for the special price or rebate being used.  This allows the operator to enter one line for the quantity available for the rebate or special price, and an additional line for any remaining qty that does not make use of the rebate or special price.