Special Prices Tab Page

The Special Prices Tab Page is used to display the available special prices for the selected customer, item and quantity being processed.

 As a valid customer, item and quantity are entered into the Invoice Item panel, the system automatically loads the Special Prices Tab page with any Active or Standby special prices that are available for the current invoice.  Several different types of special pricing records are displayed in the panel, including Company Specific, Buying Group, Sale, Quantity, and GSA pricing. 

Viewing Special Price Details

Once the available special prices available for the item are displayed, you may view more information about each special price by selecting the record and using the Zoom key.  When a special price is selected and the Zoom key is pressed, the system activates the  Special Pricing/Costs Detail panel and it loads the panel with the information for the selected special price record.

Selecting a Special Price

 If the special price you are using is active, and the invoice line being entered qualifies for the price, and the price is the lowest available for the customer and item, the system will normally default the special price into the invoice line.

If the special price you wish to use is set up as a standy special price, the special price must be selected manually (standby special prices are available but are not taken automatically as the price may only be available when a specific ship to address is being used, or the purchase is being made against a specific po or contract. 

You may select a special price in the Special Prices Tab by double clicking the special price record.  This action will cause the system to use the selected price or display a message if the special price cannot be selected. 

If the price being selected is a Sale, GSA, or Quantity based price record, you will be notified that you should enter the quantity required for the special price in order to select the record.  Once you have entered the qualifying quantity or have selected the special price, the Price and Cost fields in the Invoice Item Panel are updated.


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