Special Pricing and Rebate Tracking - Duplicating Orders

 If an existing sales order is duplicated, and it contains order lines which make use of a special price or a rebate, the system performs a maximum quantity check when the duplicated order is saved.

The maximum quantity check is done during the main or header save to the order due to the fact that the order lines are automatically created by the duplicate option.

When the order is saved, the system does a maximum quantity check on all of the lines for the new order and it blocks save of the duplicate order if any of the lines makes use of a special or rebate record, and the ordered quantity plus the qty in the order line being duplicated is higher than the maximum quantity in the special or rebate record.  In this case, the system notifies the operator of the total quantity of the special price or rebate that is still available, so the operator can adjust the duplicate order line quantity and enter the remaining quantity on another order line that does not make use of the unavailable special price or rebate.

If the duplicated order lines make use of special or rebate records which have a sufficient quantity available for the duplicated quantity, the system allows the order save and it updates the ordered quantity in the special or rebate records associated with the order lines.