Standard Toolbar

The Standard Toolbar is included in most of the StreamV applications or programs and it is displayed in the upper section of each program.  The Standard Toolbar contains a number of buttons for the most common commands that are used throughout the system such as Insert, Save, Clear, Delete, Find Previous, Zoom, Expand, Email, Comments, etc.   The Standard Toolbar also contains buttons that provide access to sub-menus.  Standard Toolbar Buttons that point to sub-menus have a down arrow button located to the right of the button, indicating that the button contains additional options.  Examples of Standard Toolbar buttons that point to sub-menus would include the Sort Button, More Menu Button, and the Config or Browse Config Button.

The availability of each of the buttons displayed in the Standard Toolbar varies based on the program you are in and on the position of the cursor in the program being used.  For example, the Sort and the Browse Config buttons are normally disabled or shaded unless you are in a browse or a list based program. 

You may display a description for each of the buttons on the Standard Toolbar by moving the cursor over the button with the mouse.  You may select from the available options using the left mouse button.  If the selected option is a menu, such as the More Menu, pressing the left mouse button will display the items from the submenu and allow you to select the appropriate option from the submenu (again using the left mouse button).


Sort Button

More Menu Button

Config Menu Button