StreamV Navigation

This section describes the mouse and keyboard commands that are available in the StreamV Application and how these commands are used to navigate in the system.

This section also briefly describes some of the standard system components that are included in the applications and that are used for selecting records and performing various tasks.  These system components are also described in more detail in a separate section of this documentation.

Since the StreamV system is programmed to optimize productivity with either the keyboard or mouse, it is important to note that in many cases it is possible to perform the same action in multiple ways.   For example: the Expand function can be executed using the Expand key (normally the F3 key) or by pressing the right mouse button and selecting the Expand option, or by selecting the Expand option from the Standard Toolbar. 

In general, the VDF programs will display a standard tool bar that contains the commonly used options that are appropriate in the program being used.  The VDF programs also normally include a right mouse menu.  The right mouse menu is a “context menu”.  The options that are shown on the right mouse button are context or program specific.  The right mouse menu options are also dependent on the field or record that is selected when the right mouse button is pressed. 

For example:  The Marketing Screen right mouse menu would include options for inserting a new customer since it is displaying the customers in a list format, where the Customer View would only display field specific options since this program displays the data for a single customer in a form.

This section provides a somewhat brief description of the StreamV user interface.  It lists the basic program components or options that can be used to move through the system and to perform tasks.  It is written for somewhat experienced windows users who want a quick primer on how to run the application.

Each of the options/components described in this section are also described in more detail in the program components section of the StreamV Help system.

The Components described in this section include the common system components that are most often used to select an application and perform various tasks.  All StreamV users should gain at least a basic familiarity with these components when they are first introduced to the system.

      Main Workspace – The Desktop or Main work area in StreamV.  The Main Workspace contains pull down menus to allow you to access specific modules and applications in StreamV.  The workspace also includes pull down options that are not specific to the application being used.  The Main workspace is basically used to select the programs you wish to work with and to switch between them (much like the windows desktop).

      Standard Toolbar – This object which is included in most StreamV programs, contains buttons for navigating through programs, for performing common commands such as Insert and Save, and other program and non program specific options.  Buttons included in the Standard Toolbar allow you to access comment information, attach images, or access the email system from inside the current program.  The Standard Toolbar options are typically restricted based on the program being used and the field that is currently selected.  Some of the Buttons displayed in the Standard Toolbar actually point to sub-menus that list multiple options.  The Sort Button displays the available sort sequences in the current program and allows you to select the sort sequence to be used.  The More Menu Button on the toolbar points to a sub-menu that typically contains options for the program that are either not frequently used, or that may not fit in other places in the program.

      Right Mouse/Context Menu.  The Right Mouse button is used to display and select from the processing and other options for the current program.  The Right Mouse/Context menu options are context sensitive in that their availability depends on the program you are in, and the position of the cursor in the program.

      Option Buttons – Many of the StreamV applications contain buttons in the bottom section (or another section) of the program.  These buttons are typically used to activate programs or perform functions (ie the New Order Button in the Customer Management program).  These buttons are typically displayed at the bottom of the program, they are typically grey in color, and your ability to select a particular option can be dependent on the status of the record being processed, or on system security.  When a program contains one of more Buttons, the button objects are described in the documentation for the program.

      Keyboard and Mouse Commands – This section lists the Keyboard and Mouse commands that can be used to navigate inside the  StreamV application.


Main Workspace

Standard Toolbar

Right Mouse or Context Menu.

Option Buttons

Keyboard Commands

Mouse Commands