Static Data Comments

Static data records such as Customers, Contacts, or Catalog Items can normally have multiple comments associated with them.  In many cases, both  “standard” and “free form” comments are supported for this type of data. 

Some static data comments, such as user comments, are mainly used to share and store internal information about a customer, vendor, or item.  Examples might include customer notes about marketing calls.

Other static data comments, such as the standard comments that have been defined on your system can be used to automatically display critical sales notes to the operator during order entry, or automatically print text information on internal or external documents such as sales orders, picklists, and invoices.

Static Data records include:


      Customer Contacts

      Catalog and Inventory Items


      Vendor Contacts


      Manufacturer Contacts

      Table Data (Terms, Shipvia, Rep, Product Line, etc).


Transactional Data Comments