Transactional Data Comments

Transactional data records include Sales Order Headers and Line Items, Invoice Header and Line Items, Accounts Payable Invoices, Journal Entries, and Inventory Transactions. 

The system allows you to attach comment information to transactional data and in some cases, the system also supports both standard and user or free form comment information for transaction records.

The number of comment types supported for each transaction record in the system varies but in general at least one comment can be attached to every transaction you process (usually more).

For example:  The system allows you to create one free form or user comment for each sales order, and an additional comment for each line item for the sales order.  These user comments are normally entered during order entry.  The comments can be viewed from the order lookups and they are also printed on the confirmation for the order. 

Sales Order comments carry through the invoicing process and are automatically copied and attached to the invoices created from the sales order (the order comment is copied to an invoice comment which is also printed on the customer invoice).

Sales Orders also support some standard comments.  Examples include broker information, warranty information, sales order credit comments, sales order purchasing comments, and sales order shipto comments.  These comments are normally internal, and they are used to display information (such as credit information about the order) or to carry additional information about the order or the order lines into other parts of the system.


Standard Comments