Statistics Tab Page

The Statistics Tab Page displays statistical or historical, and current information for the selected vendor.  This information displayed in this tab page is either updated by the system automatically or it is loaded by running the appropriate reconciliation and or loader programs.

The information displayed in the Statistics Tab page includes.

Purchasing History:  This section includes fields which store the total month, quarter and year to date purchases from the vendor, as well the as total purchases from the vendor.  A trend field is also displayed in this section of the program

The Current amount On Order (the total value of outstanding purchase orders) for the vendor is also displayed in this section of the tab page.

Last Purchase: Displays the date, amount and invoice number of the last invoice number processed for the vendor.

Last Payment:  Displays the check number and amount of the last payment that was processed for the selected vendor.

Current Balance:  Displays the current open accounts payable balance for the selected vendor and the date on which this balance was last updated.

Please note that you can also use the Field Help option that is located on the Standard Tool Bar to display database help information about each of the fields shown in the program.


Demographics Tab Page