Vendor Detail

The Vendor Detail Program allows you to view and edit the detailed information that is maintained for each Vendor in the Vendor Master file.  The Vendor Detail Program also allows you to perform the following tasks.

      View and edit the Vendor Contacts that are associated with the selected Vendor record.

      Create a new Vendor Contact record for the selected Vendor.

      View and edit the Comments or Text notes for the selected vendor.

      Add a new Vendor Comment for the Vendor.

      View the Data Change History for the selected Vendor record

      View and edit any Extended Item Detail records for the selected Vendor.  Extended Item Detail records are used to control specialized system features (customer specific or other non-standard options in the system).

Please note: You may not create new Vendor records in the Vendor Detail Program.  If you need to create a new Vendor to be used for accounts payable, purchasing and or other purposes, you should create the new Vendor using the Vendor Management program.


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