Stock Item Processing

Stocking items are inventory items that are tracked by the inventory control system.  They may be re-ordered on a regular basis, or they may be vendor shipped or special ordered as required.  Stocking items can be purchased only when needed, or they can be stocked at one or more inventory locations to ensure the rapid fulfillment of customer orders. Sales Orders for stocking items can normally be fulfilled using several different fulfillment/replenishment methods. This allows you to fill orders for these items from your warehouse, by special ordering the item from the vendor when it is ordered from you, or by vendor shipping the item (having the vendor ship the item directly to the customer when it is ordered).

Stocking items generally have reorder points and reorder quantities defined for them in the Inventory Master or in the QVL file. The reorder quantities that are recommended by the system for stocking items are based on the combination of the outstanding (open) customer sales orders and the shop orders in the system for the items, and the minimum stocking requirements that have been defined for each item in the Inventory Master and or the QVL file.


Stock Items - Sales Order Entry

Stock Items - PO and PO Requisition Creation

Stock Items - Receiving