Stock Items Receiving

As purchase order receipts for stocking items are processed, the system updates the on hand quantity  for the item by the quantity received, and it tries to allocate the product to the order or orders that are waiting for it. 

If the purchase order receipt is for a special order sales order line, the system will allocate the inventory to the sales order line.  If the PO is not linked to a specific sales order, the system will allocate to the orders waiting for the product based on the schedule dates in the order lines (earliest first), and based on other control information that is used by the allocation routine (max auto allocate quantity, safety stock quantities).  The system will not allocate to orders that are printed (being picked).

Stock Items - Order Completion

Warehouse and Special Order Shipments

Once any holds have been removed from a sales order, and the system has determined that the order can be shipped (based on the whether the order lines are allocated, the partial flag in the order, the scheduling window, and other criteria); a picklist is produced for the lines that can be shipped to the customer.

The items on the picklist are then picked from your warehouse shelves and are invoiced to the customer.

When a stock item is invoiced, the system updates the on-hand, reserved, total reserved and allocated quantities for the item (all down by the amount of the order line that is shipped).  Inventory Activity records are also created to record the transaction.

Vendor Shipments

Vendor Shipment lines for stock items are completed by selecting the purchase order associated with the shipment, and specifying the quantity that was shipped by the vendor to the customer.  The operator then uses the order completion program to generate an invoice to the customer and to update (close out), the appropriate sales order and purchase order quantities.

Stock Items - Shop Order Processing

Once stock  items have been allocated to a shop order, a pull ticket is produced to identify the items that should be moved into work in process. Any stock item included on the shop order will be printed out on the pull tickets for the shop order (until the complete quantity of the stock item has been pulled).

As the pull ticket is processed, the system reduces the on hand reserved, total reserved and allocated quantities of the stock items being processed and it updates the pulled quantity in each shop order line. Inventory Activity records are also created to document the movement of the items. Once the items from the shop order lines have been moved into work in process, they are converted (built) into the top level item specified in the shop order. Once all required components have been pulled and assembled, the shop order can be completed. As each shop order is completed, the component parts are removed from WIP and the top level item is returned to inventory and allocated to any waiting sales orders. Activity records are written to record the transaction.