Store JE Button

The Store JE Button is used to copy the information for the journal entry being processed to a Textdata record so that the entry can be completed or re-loaded into the Journal Entry program at a later time.  The Store JE feature is used along with the Load a JE feature, and these two options allow you to save a partially or completely entered un-posted journal entry transaction and call it up for processing at a later date. 

To store a journal entry, you should first enter the information for the journal entry.  This journal entry information does not have to be complete and the journal entry does not have to be in balance (you can save a partially entered journal entry with this option).  When you have entered the information to be stored, you should press the Store JE Button.

When the Store JE Button is pressed, the system displays a panel in which you may enter a short description for the entry to be saved.  The description should be as meaningful as possible as it will be used to identify the journal entry at a later time (good examples might include bi-weekly payroll, monthly depreciation, etc).

Once the descriptive information has been input into the panel, you may store the JE for later use by pressing the OK button.  Once you have stored the entry, you may then use the Clear option or exit the Journal Entry program to clear the journal entry lines.


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