Sysop Panel Functions

The Sysop Panel Functions program can be accessed by System Administrators  from most of the programs in the StreamV Application .  The Sysop Panel Functions program allows the operator to perform the following tasks.

      Set Operator Access for the Curent Panel.  This action is used to restrict specific programs to specific users or groups of users.  When the Set Operator Access option is selected by a Sysop, the system displays the Panel Security Management program.

      Show Cove Parameters in Use.  Displays the System Policy and other System Parameter settings being used by the current program and the application.

      Show Security Array.  Displays the Field Security Settings that are being used in the current session.

      Show Field Mask Array.  Displays the Field Mask Settings being used by the current session.

      Logging Activity.  Displays the most recent Logging Activity in the System.  This is used when the Logging and Posting System is being used to replicate your database

      Show Object Array.  Displays the Objects (programs, panels, etc) that are being used by the application.

      Delete Object Preferences. Deletes operator specific registry settings for the current user (browse column widths, etc).


SYS Table Files