SYS Param/Control File Maintenance Programs

The programs listed in this section are used to create and maintain system parameters and other control file information.  System Parameter and Control file information is stored in several different places in the system, and this information is used to define program behavior, to determine the fields which are displayed in various programs and to set up and maintain system security.    Control files are also used to setup user-defined validation tables, to set up and edit the Menus used by the StreamV System, and to define the default information that is used during new record setup.

Security Note:  The programs listed in this section can normally only be accessed by Sysop or Level 9 operators.  The security method used for Sysop restricted programs (which are identified by the word Sysop: in the program header) will only allow access to the program if the current operator is a Sysop or if the current operator has a panel security record that allows them to use the program (if they are not a sysop).  This logic is used due to the fact that the Parameter and Control file maintenance programs and some of the table programs (ie the Operator Table) can substantially change the behavior of the system, and they should only be used by qualified personnel.


System Parameter Maintenance

System Parameter Manager

System Parameters Grid

Gencode Manager

Longcode Manager

Textdata Manager

Cove Text Manager

Menu Management

Field Defaults Setup

Field Display Name Setup

Field Security Setup

Site Field Mask Setup

Sysop Panel Functions