System Administration Programs

This section describes the programs that are used for StreamV System Administration.  The System Administration programs are used to

      Setup and Maintain the Parameters and other Control Information that is used by the Stream system.  System parameter and control information is stored in several different places in the system, and this information is used to define program behavior, to determine the fields which are displayed in various programs and to set up and maintain system security. 

      Create and Maintain the Table information that is used by multiple applications in the System.  This Table information includes data such as

      The Division and Departments that are used by the accounting system.

      The Payment Terms, Shipping Methods and Shipping Terms that can be used during transaction processing.

      The Product Lines and Product Groups that are used to classify items during item setup and order processing.

      The Currencies for which transactions can be processed.

      The Taxcodes that are used for sales tax collection and reporting purposes.

      The Operator information that is used by the system.

      Reconcile the data in the system.

      Check the database contents to verify that the records in each file have valid contents in all required fields

      Load data.  The Default Value Loader and other Generic Utility programs allow you to load data into records based on the contents of any field in the record, to copy information from one field to another field, to report on the contents of a specific field and to dump records out of and load records into the database.

      Update the system.

      Maintain report templates.

      Query the database using the Dataflex Query reporting tool.

      Create and run SQL queries

The StreamV System Administration programs are mainly used for system setup and maintenance, so they cannot be readily classified as operations, lookup or reporting programs.  The System Administration programs are therefore described in the order that they are listed on the System Administration Menus


SYS Param/Control File Maintenance Programs