System Parameter Maintenance

The System Parameter Maintenance Program is used to create and maintain the parameter and control information that is stored in the System Parameter file (File 248).  The System Parameter Maintenance program allows you to perform the following tasks.

      Locate and view an existing parameter record.

      Edit an existing parameter record.

      Insert or create a new parameter record.

      Delete an existing parameter record.

      Duplicate a parameter record so that it may be customized for a particular operator, group, or branch.

      View and update the text or help information that can be stored for each parameter in the System Parameter file.

The System Parameter Maintenance program can be accessed from the System Administration menu if you have Sysop or System Operator rights.  If you are not logged in as a system adminstrator (a level 9 operator), a Panel Security record must be created and be available to you in order for you to run the program (please see the section on Panel security for more information about Sysop restricted programs).

When you select the System Parameter Maintenance program, from the menu, the program is activated (if you have the proper security rights) and the records that have been entered into the system parameter file are displayed in the main section of the program.
Locating and Selecting a Parameter record

Individual parameters records may be located in two ways. You may use the CURSOR (ARROW) keys and the PREVIOUS and NEXT RECORD keys to move the light bar through the records listed on the screen, or you may use the keyboard to input the name of the parameter (or a portion of it) and press the ENTER key. 

If you choose to input the name of the parameter, the light bar will move to the bottom of the screen and the information you key in will appear inside the light bar.  Once you have keyed in the parameter name (or a portion of it) you press the ENTER key.  When you press the ENTER key, the system finds or locates the parameter record with the name closest to the information you keyed in, and it positions the light bar on top of it.  Once the light bar is positioned on the record you may page through neighboring records by using the CURSOR or the PREVIOUS and NEXT RECORD keys.

Editing a Parameter Record

To edit an existing parameter record you simply highlight the record with the light bar and press the ENTER key.  When you press the ENTER key, the system displays the Parameter Editor Window and positions the cursor in the Name field.  Once the cursor is positioned within the window, you may make any required changes to the record.  You then save the changes by pressing the SAVE key or by entering through the last field in the window.  You may also press the ESCAPE key to exit the window without saving the changes. Note: While you are in the parameter editor window, the ENTER key will allow you to move forward through the fields in the window and the BACKFIELD key will allow you to move back to the previous field. 

Duplicating a Parameter Record

There are certain situations where you may wish to customize parameters for individual operators, groups of operators, and branches, and the System Control file is designed to allow you to do this.  Multiple copies of a specific parameter record can exist in the System Control file as long as the User field for each record is unique.  This allows you to set up parameter records for an individual operator (operator specific), a group of operators (group specific), a branch (branch specific), or for all operators in the system (global).  An operator specific parameter record contains the operator initials of the operator to whom it applies in the User field.  A group parameter record has two plus signs (++) and the group code that it applies to in the User field.  A branch parameter record has two negative signs (--) and the branch code of the branch it applies to in the User field.  A global parameter has a blank User field.  If the User field for a particular parameter is blank, the parameter controls all individuals who do not have an operator specific, group specific, or branch specific parameter record which applies to them entered into the System Control file.

Parameter records may be customized by creating multiple copies of the record and defining the operators, groups, or branches that each copy will apply to or control.  Not all parameter records may be duplicated or customized on an individual operator, group, or branch basis.  Certain types of parameters may be duplicated and set differently for individual operators.  Other parameters should not be duplicated.  For example, the security rights for operators within individual programs may be set on an individual basis, while in most cases counters should not be set up on an individual, group, or branch basis (please see the System Control File Procedures document for more information about parameter file set up and maintenance). 

Insert System Parameter Detail Panel

The Insert option allows you to create a new System Parameter record.  When the Insert option is selected, the

Delete Delete Selected Record

Zoom System Parameter Detail Panel


System Parameter Manager